ZKholdem: The future is a fair game

If zero rake hands and no corporate dividends being drained from your casino’s poker pot sounds like a fantasy to you, then you should probably check out what DKHoldem’s been working on.

What if you could shoot the first shot in the coming revolution against the inequitable society baby boomers set up, just by playing poker? Because I’m here to tell you, you can. 

Maybe you haven’t grown tired of a reality where the strings are pulled by those who can’t open their own emails, and who consider golfing with other old people to be a part of their super important “work”. You know who I mean, those CEOs making tens of millions for running games they didn’t invent, while paying dividends to all the boomers 401k accounts on Wall Street? Stealing every penny from the games that we play and entertainment options we have to pad their own retirements? 

The last four decades have seen the same faces leading, and with blatant disregard for our tech-savvy generation, who has been long ready to take the helm. 

Sell a million units with your algo and they’ll pay you 32k a year, sell 5,000 units to an elderly guy the company pays you to take to a ball game, and maybe the strip club after, and it’s a 6 figure job, easily. 

It’s time to break that cycle with the current American oligarchies misplaced values, by jumping to a non-violent, tech-driven revolution against the olds. Trust me, they’ll barely see it coming. 

And if you’ll allow web3DFS to be your Morpheus, we’ll show you how to take down the old guard by playing a more fair and balanced game, like the perfect poker game ZKHoldem is building to launch latter this month. 

ZK Holdem is seizing on a generational opportunity provided by blockchain technology, to build an auditable, more fair, more transparent, more equitable online poker casino, run completely on the block chain, with no slippage in the pots we as a community play for. 

Now when I say no slippage, I am actually thinking about Michael Saylor talking about thermodynamically sound, zero slippage financial instrument being the inevitable winner in high finance, called bitcoin. And I’m thinking of Michael Rippe and his team building the first thermodynamically sound, zero slippage poker table on the internet. I’m sure this is why pat Mcafee called him Mr. Bitcoin poker recently, despite ZK building on eth, not btc. Pat Mac clearly knows more about tech than he lets on. Pat Mac clearly knows more about tech than he lets on. 😁

What does zero slippage, thermodynamically sound poker mean? The rake the casino takes out of every single pot, stays in the pot. The portion of the rake that goes to the CEO of MGM’s salary, the portion that goes to the floor managers salary? The customer service rep that won’t actually help? The free drinks at all the other table games inside the casino? To the dividends of mgm shareholders? Wynn shareholders, hardrock shareholders, borgoda, Mohegan sun, turning stone, yada yada yada. Parking fees. Hotel fees. Gas to get there? 

There are so many people getting filthy rich off poker, it’s just that so few of them are the players. 

Now picture poker as a part of the digital asset uprising that web3 has begun to empower. Poker where you’re not just a player; you’re a pioneer, investing your time, money, and expertise opting out of the game designed to fund boomer retirement funds, and into building something that works better for us. 

This is no fantasy. ZKHoldem is making it a reality, crafting a space where you opt out of the system that’s rigged against you, and reclaim the fairness that once defined the game of poker in the Wild West, enforced with code instead of a smith and Weston. 

Get rid of the wasteful CEOs’ excessive earnings, the exorbitant fees, and the casino’s insatiable hunger to bleed you dry. Erase the credit card companies cut every time you go to access your money. 

But how much impact can this switch truly have? Consider the status quo, where every aspect, from the CEO’s paycheck to your parking fee, is a calculated move to divert funds from the game—funds that rightfully belong in the players’ pool. By shifting the game to ZKHoldem’s blockchain platform, we’re not just plugging a few leaks; we’re reimagining the entire ecosystem.

Imagine a world with no rake, where every game is governed by fair code, not a biased human hand. Picture a scenario where your winnings aren’t siphoned off as Wall Street dividends, but instead, players gain real ownership, real stakes in the game’s success. This isn’t just about playing fair; it’s about equitable wealth distribution.

Envision sitting at a ZK poker table in 2026, your Ethereum tokens surging in value, all while the old guard scrambles to salvage their traditional stocks. It’s more than a game; it’s a financial revolution.

ZKHoldem isn’t just a platform; it’s a statement. We’re not just playing the game; we’re setting the rules. This is about reclaiming what’s ours, from the games we love to the wealth we generate.

Join us. Let ZKHoldem be the first but fierce strike in our battle for financial freedom, an arrow shot not in the dark but with precision, right into the heart of a system that’s long overdue for change. The future is in our hands, and it’s time to play it right 🎯.

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