Winning Banana Best Ball Strategies; Introducing Correlation Plays to Web3 DFS

I’ve seen a few folks in the SBS discord asking about what the best strategies are in drafting Banana Best Ball teams, and as a DFS player for at least a decade, I wanted to help onboard some of my web3 fam to playing fantasy sports. Everyone deserves a fair shot at the MAYC, so we are gonna spill the tea on fantasy football for web3 fam here.

First, this is a new experience, even for someone who understands fantasy football and has played DFS and Best Ball in the past. People are use to picking players, not team and position. So there is a lot of knew material yet to be created. So Banana Best Ball is somewhat unchartered territory, and there will be plenty of nuance and things we’ll all learn together. 

Second, there are some things that will definitely translate, and that’s what we will focus on here. I don’t want to pick your team for you, but I want to help you think about ways that you could pick a competitive team. 

So with that, on to our word of the day to help improve your Banana Best Ball team: Correlation. 

Correlation is the easiest way to build a successful fantasy football team, and understanding it is paramount to the most successful fantasy sports competitors. Correlation can be a pretty complex in statistics, but in fantasy, it is simple. Let me explain.

If a wide receiver has a great fantasy week or season, then his quarterback almost certainly has a good season, too. So by picking a paired WR and QB, you have a heavily correlated play. Every touchdown the QB throws to his primary receiver counts twice for your teams weekly score. It counts for the QB, and it counts for the WR as well. 

We can also look at this as a risk mitigation strategy. If you have a QB1 from a team, and have the WR1 for another team, you’re counting on three players to stay healthy for the entire season: Your QB1, your WR1, and your WR1’s QB1. If you have your top pass catcher paired with your QB, you only need two players to stay healthy through week 14 to put yourself onto the next round of the tournament, not 3. 

So correlation is THE most important nuance for daily fantasy and season long fantasy sports, which SBS’ Banana Best Ball product is a unique combination of. 

The image for this post is likely my highest correlated card. I was drafting from late position, so it may not my favorite card, but it is far and away my best draft performance so far in BBB. With Three QBs paired with their WR1, I should put up some competitive scores at both QB and WR any week that DAL, DET, or DEN QB has a top 5 score. 

So I leave you with this, when learning to draft Banana Best Ball, you should think of how to correlate your teams, as it is very likely that the top teams will have top 12 QBs paired with at least one, possibly two of their pass catchers. 

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