The Power of Correlation Plays: The Winning Strategy in Daily Fantasy Sports

If you’re a web3 native, and new to best ball, this article is probably for you… 

This is about one of the most powerful concepts in daily fantasy sports; correlation plays. 

When I drafted cincy wr1 in the first round and No wr1 in the second round, it was with the intention I would pick either jax wr or lac wr in the third round, and then pair them with their qb in the fourth or early fifth… So had the drafter before me taken lac wr, this card would have had both jax wr in the third and jax qb soon after. Whoever I was going with, I was going to pair them with their qb1 because of correlation. 


Well first the science. 

When you pic a high end wr, you’re expecting him to catch a lot of tds. Someone has to throw those tds, so essentially, you’re only making one pick for who you think is an excellent duo. 

It is MUCH more probable to be right once, than to be right twice. 

So I’m not even telling you who I would have selected if they both fell to me. Listen to your fav podcast on fantasy sports to decide that. But I am saying, correlate your plays, because if you pick wr one, his qb won’t be far behind that in the qb rankings. 

Good luck, happy drafting, and good morning to the people it’s morning for. 

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