About Us

WHo’s Web3DFS?

Web3DFS is just a little start up blog with hopes to play a small roll in creating a brighter future for fantasy football. 

We want to inform you of successful and reputable web3 gamification of traditional web2 spaces, such as fantasy football and tcg games. 

Ultimately, we want to take down the 👑. Why should a Draft👑’s ceo and a bunch of boomers (and awesomeO if you play any dfs) make a penny off all our knowledge, analytics and game playing? 

Why are we paying credit card fees and ceo Christmas bonuses, when the games can be made for BY OUR GENERATION, for our generation? 

Would could happen if we made the games more competitive, and fair, and fun, instead of spending tons of money on advertising and making games more addictive? 

What happens if we put wallstreet dividends, the ceos Christmas bonus, and awesomO’s algo winnings back into the prize pools? How many become profitable players then? 

We believe when a community that cares about fantasy sports and games, cares about the games and the players, instead of a fiduciary responsibility to Wall Street, fantasy football may never be the same. 

So we’re coming for the 👑, and the sooner you join us, the quicker we’ll win. 

So, answer the call, embrace the future of DFS, and be a part of a thriving community dedicated to reshaping the world of fantasy sports”